3D Motion Design Animation - MSL

A mix of 2D and 3D Motion Design to showcase the key offering of a facilities management company Motion graphics work

MSL Motion Design Animation

A stark 3D signal tower

I was hired by the team at The Other Person to create an animation for their client MSL - a facilities management company.

The client was keen to highlight the link between people and technology at the heart of their business. With this in mind, I wrote the script to focus on the idea that buildings are so much more than the structures we see, that they thrive because of what goes on behind the scenes: the world of MSL.

The style and colours used are all straight from the MSL colour palette, and although initially a fully 2D piece, when creating the storyboards I wanted to really embellish the buildings - so I opted to create a 3D world in this rather unique style.

3D shopfront 3D cityscape buildings created in cinema 4d 2D circuit design after effects

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