Let's plant some trees!

tree animation

Spurred on by some eye-opening documentaries like: Chasing Ice, Chasing Coral, and A Plastic Ocean (all of which I cannot recommend highly enough) I've been looking at ways I can change my daily habits to help reduce the impact I have on the world.

In an effort to go one step further and incorporate those changes into my freelance work, I've decided to start planting trees for every new client!

Now, when I say planting trees, that's not strictly true as I won't be doing the actual planting. Instead, what I will be doing, is donating a small percentage of every project to the World Land Trust who help restore lost forests and reconnect forest habitats across the globe.

I'm still working out the specifics of it all, my current plan is to make a single tree donation for smaller projects and then put aside around 1-3% on projects over £1000 which would, at a minimum, help to buy/protect a 1/4 acre. The bigger the project, the more trees we plant!