Freelance Motion Design Update

2017 was a great year, I've been lucky enough to work on some wonderful projects with some ace clients and agencies, if 2018 is as good then I'll be a happy motion designer!

As it was a busy one, I've only now had the chance to update my portfolio with some of the motion design projects I worked on last year, due to the nature of the game I unfortunately can't share everything I work on. Who knows, maybe in the future I'll be able to list those projects too!

Saving the planet with motion design

I also started a new initiative towards the end of 2017 which has been a runaway success: for every project I work on, I now give a percentage to the World Land Trust on behalf of my clients! So, whenever you hire me, you're also helping save the planet too. Read more about the initiative to plant trees with motion design.

Building Loop

Alongside my freelance work, I also continued to work on building up Loop creating stock, templates, and scripts for After Effects in my spare time. Loop really has been a great side project, it's an outlet for me to explore new motion design techniques, and gives me the opportunity to create projects like: Chronos - a sci-fi HUD template for After Effects that combines the two things I really enjoy: sci-fi and motion design!

Farewell websites

2017 also marked a turning point in my freelance life: a shift to 100% motion design. I made the decision a couple of years ago, and now the transition is complete. No more web development. This means I can focus entirely on building my motion design skills further.

Here's to 2018! If you like what you see and need a freelance motion designer, feel free to get in touch!

After Effects Freelance Motion graphics