2010 - A year to remember

Captains log, star date December 31st 2010.

I find myself writing a blog post looking back on the year that has seemingly flown by and I can't help but smile.
At the start of 2010 I was heading into the second term of my final year at Lancaster University and I was part way through my dissertation.

Fast forward to the 22nd June - Results Day! On this day I found out that 4 years of hard work had finally paid off, I was awarded a First Class MSci degree in I.T & Media Communications! This was perhaps one of the happiest days of my entire life.

Throughout the year I continued with my freelance work and 2010 was a great year for meeting new clients & increasing my design portfolio. In May I was contacted via twitter by Matt Rhodes from the social media agency: FreshNetworks, by the end of June I had accepted an offer to join the development team.

With the new job came the move down to London but only after my graduation ceremony where I got the chance to meet a TV legend: James May and shake the hand of Sir Chris Bonington!

The move down to London was a big step for me as I had never really envisioned moving down there at all, four months on and I am back at home for Christmas & New Year telling tales of all the fun I have been having at FreshNetworks - particularly the 'Social Santa' experience!

So overall: 2010 was a fantastic year, a year filled with excitement, change, new experiences & new friends but now I am looking into the blank canvas that is 2011, setting myself personal goals & targets to push myself into bigger and better things!

I can only hope that in a years time I am sat writing a similar post filled with similar sentimental musings about the year that has gone by.


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