About me

Hi there! As you may have guessed my name is Thomas, I'm a freelance motion graphics designer currently based in Manchester.

As my job title suggests; I mostly create motion graphics videos for a range of clients, check out my portfolio for some recent examples!

I also founded Loop: an online store selling resources, templates, and presets for motion designers, it's a little side project that allows me to experiment with new motion design techniques!


I studied at Lancaster University achieving a First Class MSci in I.T. & Media Communications.

My degree course covered a wide variety of topics ranging from the engineering principles of communication systems right up to the production of 3D graphics.

My favourite area of study was definitely to do with mobile communications: the structure of modern mobile networks and potential future of mobile technology. I also really enjoyed experimenting with new technology like RFID - seeing how it could be used to connect offline objects with online actions to create "the internet of things".

Side projects

I also enjoy taking on little side projects away from motion design. My most recent side projects include:

A little bit more:

I'm also a Coeliac and have been since I was about 18 months old (it basically means I cannot eat anything containing Gluten) - if you'd like to know a bit more then take a look at the official Coeliac UK site.